The East New World


An action-packed platformer with a retro touch


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The East New World is an action-packed platform inspired by genre classics from the 16-bit era which actually feels similar to playing a game on Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis.

In the game, you control Butan by moving freely through huge two-dimensional scenarios. The gameplay is perfectly adapted to touch devices. There are virtual controllers on the left side of the screen and buttons for jumping, attacking, and performing magic on the right.

The East New World has over 80 different levels. In them, you'll find run-of-the-mill enemies and even some especially challenging bosses. By defeating enemies and collecting gold, you can level up your character and improve their attributes. You can improve their attacks, their hit points, or their magic points.

Throughout the game, you can find and equip more than a dozen different weapons and armor that will help your character accordingly. You'll also meet many different characters that will help you along the way.

The East New World is an excellent combination of action and platform games with touches of RPG. It has a fun gameplay and engaging graphics. It's an outstanding game in every way.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher